A New Normal At The Marketplace

It's already been a couple weeks since Vintage Inspired Marketplace, where we have our 105 sq. ft. booth, re-opened to the public after closing their doors for 2 months during the COVID pandemic. We took the opportunity to re-do our space during the downtime, and the response has been wonderful - particularly to the vintage clothing rack! Nearly every day there's 2 or 3 empty hangers waiting for me to replace them with a new retro-found garment from our growing collection.

Buying and selling vintage clothing isn't something I'd done much of before, so I've been learning a lot as the rack grows. We're happy to relay that in addition to being washed & dried with perfume & dye-free detergent and dryer sheets, all our garments are now heat-steamed, which can kill up to 99.9% of germs & bacteria living in the fibers of the clothing. Important stuff, and it's fun to play with the steam wand. Anyhoo, here's a recent pic of the booth, looking fine & fresh with a turquoise & blond wood Daystrom dinette set just added this past weekend!

Yes, that 80's neon beer sign says "Vermont, You Deserve Miller Reserve"

She's looking good, but we're still adding goodies throughout this week. Come by & feel the two layers of real shag carpet under your feet!

As you enter the Marketplace, you'll notice some signage on the floor asking customers to remain 6 ft. apart - typical of the signage you're seeing in most retail establishments these days. The difference with these is that WE made 'em!

The yellow bicycle is VILM's logo

These babies are sticking to the floor like crazy, and they pop to the eye as they should - nice & bright white so folks know where to safely stand. We designed and manufactured them under our crafting arm, Kitsch Kraft Studio. You can find more info about our sticker & vinyl projects as well as pricing under the "Stickers" menu on our home page.

The rest of our time these days is spent beefing up our eBay Store catalog, searching out hidden vintage treasures, and concocting bigger & better plans for the future... stay tuned, friends! And thanks for reading..... <3


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