Beefy Booth Pics To Entice Thee

It's been a heck of a good week so far and it's only humpday! We went on an incredible housecall this past Saturday that resulted in two full carloads of amazing 1960's & 70's goodies - my favorite kinds! We've been painstakingly processing the amazing retro treasure since then, and today I had the opportunity to bring a ton of it over to my booth at Vintage Inspired... check out the goods below!

PYREXXXXXXX oh and a big bread box, cool

Ok, so, yeah... there's a lot of Pyrex in the case right now. From Amish Butterprint casseroles, to Primary mixing bowls, to rarer dishes with the Compass and Frost Garland patterns. All the sweet, sweet vintage Pyrex is dotted with Fire King handled bowls, Federal Glass dishes, and other mid-century delights. These pieces are in tip-top condition, the prices are excellent - and I need them all gone to bring in the 2nd wave, so come get you one!

Only the choicest selections for you, my pretties

Welp, you may already know that I have a borderline problematic infatuation with vintage children's books. Over the last several years I've culled heavily and now maintain a somewhat revolving collection with a few forever-volumes. I love finding special editions, rare formats, and of course, 70's reprints... and I am very picky about what I stock the shelves with here at the marketplace. That means only the best-condition books and the most well-rounded collection is brought to you, the smarty bibliophile. Well done.

Perhaps, though, your sensibilities require a more tactile vintage aesthetic? Say no more.

I'm gonna pop some tags

Our new clothing rack was only added last week, but already garments are flying away to new homes left & right! There's honestly a little something for all - children's vintage clothes, ladies vintage & handmade dresses, skirts & blouses, and men's t-shirts with all the right retro vibes. We've got a few trucker hats, vintage scarves, and who-knows-what-else as we are adding nearly daily to the already tightly-packed rack. Lots of appealing colors & textiles... no boring 70's polyester shirts here. And speaking of synthetic fiberssssss......

Signage by Kitsch Kraft Studio!

Just wanna let you all know we care, and these threads are clean! And don't worry, Lenny won't follow you to the fitting room.

Alrighty, last but not least I've gotta feature the bright & beautiful Tupperware/Melamine/Plasticware cabinets, which are overflowing with the most colorful kitchenware this side of Vintageville.... see for yourself!

it's okay to gasp

I've been squeezing more & more little beauties onto these shelves the last several days and they are at capacity! Are you in love with vintage kitchenware like this, too? I hope so, because nearly half of what you see here is $3.00 or less! Just because it's primo stuff doesn't mean you have to dig deep in your purse, people.

Vintage Inspired Marketplace is open 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday, 12-4 Sundays, closed Mondays (these are temporary Covid hours/days) and is located at 180 Flynn Avenue in the beautiful south end of Burlington, VT.

Thanks so much for peeking at my goods - stay tuned later this week/weekend for an update on our new eBay listings, our Virtual Store, and any other decent goods we discover on our travels.

Happy Near-June,


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