Easy On The Eyes & The Pocketbook: Your New Kitschy Wardrobe

I've had a lot of people tell me over the years that I should resell vintage clothing in addition to my already multitudinous wares. I always shrugged it off, not confident in my ability to style myself let alone others with widely varying tastes. Plus, I pass up many sought-after items (and always have) to avoid becoming enamored with yet "another thing". Collectors, I know you feel me. But times are strange and different these days, and so I added a small clothing rack to my spot at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace to test the waters. Turns out, the waters are full of kitsch-hungry style-sharks. How's that for a weird metaphor?!

I brought several armloads of new items to the marketplace just today, but I did a little photo shoot first with a few gems. This represents about 1% of the volume & value on the rack, but it'll give you a feel for what I got. First up, a bright magenta maxi skirt paired with a vintage polyester tank... colorssss.

Breezy feels, classic casual cuts

The tank top ($7.50) is circa 70's & has a dainty white lace trim. Perfect to tuck into the comfy elastic waist of the 100% cotton raspberry skirt ($12). Trim it all perfectly with our vintage rainbow scarf ($6.50). And yes, those are the real prices!

Next in line, a beautiful wrap dress with tie in deep royal blue...

That rainbow scarf goes with everything!

This lovely a-line faux wrap dress ($16) is a delicious huggy-stretchy material and moves easily from day to night. It's got a side zipper for ease and is a size XL-XXL. I paired it again with the rainbow scarf, but you could go almost anywhere style-wise with this versatile dress. Strawberry pin not for sale.

On deck in our photo showcase, some seersucker and leather!

Lightweight seersucker + slim purse = fancy free

Classy & low-maintenance, this size medium petite seersucker top ($12) will go with you to the beach, to the shops, and to the lobster shack for dinner. Tuck your seashells into the slender leather purse ($12).

Seen enough pink yet? Don't worry, there's some men's items coming. In the meantime, spy these silky-seductive rayon trousers... but be careful, they're wily.

Pleats, pockets, & pink.... perfect!

Not gonna lie, I wanted to keep these. That waistband!! Those pleats! Someone very smart will scoop these up soon at only $14.

Alright, just a couple pics for the guys... but just because we saved it for last certainly doesn't mean it's not worth waiting for:

Ahoy, boys!

She's a fine specimen indeed, mateys! Here we have an authentic Becker GMBH sailor's uniform shirt ($38). Check. Those. Buttons. While I can't say with certainty which country's navy this uniform was produced for, I can relay that Becker is a textile production company out of Aachen, Germany that's contracted to manufacture military uniforms. It's thick, it's well made, it looks brand new - it'll be a big hit for Fleet Week. Size large.

Books, $4-$10. Vintage Lake Champlain Ferries signage, $28.

Finally, I'll leave you with a glance at our rainbow of vintage & pre-worn t-shirts... who doesn't like a nice soft t-shirt?

Teasin' you with tees, $4-$15 each

Vintage graphic tees, pre-worn weird tees, and hand-pressed tees from Kitsch Kraft Studio... our variety of retro t-shirts grows constantly. Just added 6 more today, go check em out!

Other items on the rack these days include tons of vintage handmade dresses, vintage slips & sleepwear, aprons, and yes - kid's clothing! There are several insanely adorable kid's tops & bottoms available, and they're sooooo my favorite. We've got oodles of summer skirts in all lengths & sizes, lots of sleeveless tops for these hot days.... it's time to make time for your wardrobe, don't you think?

Visit Kitschy Business inside Vintage Inspired Marketplace at 180 Flynn Ave. Burlington, VT


M-Sat 10-5

Sun 12-4 (that's my day, Sundays! See me in person behind the plexiglass!)

Thanks so much for keeping up with my kitsch - much love


Me, doing non-vintage things in the out-of-doors

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