Mid-Winter Re-Do & I'M FAMOUS NOW

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

If we've learned anything in life by this ripe old point, it's that you've got to keep it INTERESTING - and one of my favorite things to do is just that, in my loud & cheery booth at Vintage Inspired. I was up before the sun to load in, and spent a beautiful warm (40 degree!) Sunday morning rearranging and wondering how I've accumulated such an.... ahem... eclectic collection. Here's a peek at the new set-up:

I created a spacious, horseshoe-shaped path that winds the shopper through the space - and every surface is crawling with relics of childhood and beyond....

Spy that new deep blue hamper in embroidered vinyl with brassy accents, straight from 1968... I think that trio of vintage wastebaskets are talking trash about it.

Globes are timeless decor, but now, a PINK globe...? That's just discerning good taste. Give it a spin while you sniff through my extensive glass & kitchenware goods.

It's not really difficult to fit the entire space into one photo, it's just that it's IMPOSSIBLE. Here's a front view, with my giant metal cabinet overflowing with Pyrex, Le Creuset, Club, and other intensely vintage dishware... Come stroll through the green shag carpet sometime soon and see all the nooks I didn't show here (there's a LOT).


Your gal Kitschy is being profiled on the upcoming March 5 episode of Stuck In Vermont from Seven Days! The delightful creator & host, Eva Sollberger, spent 2 afternoons with me talking kitsch - we even ventured to the local dump thrift store as I picked away and waxed on about all things kitschy... she's a saint, that one. Here we are in my booth as I jabber about some old thing:

I'll post another update when it airs & of course post a link here, so watch out to watch ME making kitsch cool again.

Until then, I'll be rounding up all the goodies in the wild, chipping away at my massive inventory system implementation, napping with my cat, and holding on for Spring.

~ Rebecca ~

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