My Big Sweaty Summer Boogaloo & You Say You Wanna Be A Vintage Vulture?

Before we get all sweaty with today's post, a huge THANK YOU to all the customers at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace where I have my large & tacky vintage booth - our sales for the latter part of May and the month of June were truly like pre-pandemic numbers! It's so wonderful to know that supporters are out there, and it gives me faith to grow as I hope to. And speaking of growth, here's a little collage of my upward trajectory at VILM over the last 3.5 years:

From my wee end spot to my spacious current digs!

As you can see, my beginnings were quite humble - but I've now grown into the market's largest vendor! Whenever anyone asks me about becoming a vintage dealer or for advice on whether to join a marketplace or not, I try to be transparent about the workload involved. People look to become vendors for all sorts of different reasons these days, and it's not necessarily a career path for many of them. But for those who do wish to make it a full-time gig, I wholeheartedly support their endeavors because it's one of the most interesting and fulfilling lines of work in this world that I can imagine.

However, they must also prepare themselves for a myriad of new hats, lots (and lots) of physical labor, and unorthodox hours - to say the least. If there's just one thing, though, that I can recommend to prospective vintage vultures, it would be to learn from your peers and never be afraid to ask advice. Other more seasoned sellers have oodles of valuable experience that you just have to ask for. Make friends, hang around a marketplace or two, and observe, observe, observe. If you're interested in a space to sell your unique wares in Burlington, VT., contact Mary at Vintage Inspired for information.

Now, onto the meat - first, a shot of the booth's tightly-packed bookshelf, teeming with volumes of yore!

Ah, books. My favorite thing to have too many of.

Okay, you probably all know about my infatuation with vintage books, particularly children's books. I've decided to have a permanent library in my booth for a few reasons: 1, to off-set my book-buying tendencies, 2, because this shelf unit is made for books of all sizes, and 3, I prefer older version of analog books to digital books or even new editions, and I know I can't be the only one.

The newest line of volumes I've been slipping onto the shelves is 1960's-90's editions of popular & classic paperback fiction. The first round includes mid-20th century paperbacks of titles such as Watership Down, The Great Gatsby, The Neverending Story, as well as titles by Ursula Le Guin, Madeleine L'Engle, Judy Blume, and Roald Dahl. I'm living a bit vicariously through these lovely early volumes, and you can too. Prices range from $2.50-$5.00 each, much cheaper than a newly-bound tome online - and these are all perfectly broken in!

Next up, a little bit of Christmas in July, because I love Christmas AND the heat of July with equal fires in my soul. We're sitting on a sizable collection of vintage magazines here at the Kitschy Kompound (I just made that name up), not the least of which are the LIFE magazines coming out of our ears.

1949 Whitman's Chocolate Ad

They really do have the best old ads; full-page, full-color, amazing vintage imagery on nearly every page. I love to liberate them from their dusty bindings and send them off to new lives, and you can find all kinds in the booth these days - including Christmas ads! They're neatly trimmed and cleanly packaged with backing boards for easy framing, and here's the best part: they're only $8 each!

Guess what else we've got a humungoid surplus of?

Remember these?

We've got lots of 3 random pre-recorded VHS tapes for sale on eBay for $19.95/each OBO. Okay, great, you're thinking. What's so... kitschy about VHS tapes? I'll tell ya.

These babies are chock full of intense 80's-90's cable TV content: after school specials, documentaries, Saturday morning cartoons, local news programs, home movies, and much more. The internet shells out for content like this, particularly on stock media sites. They could easily be digitized & sold 100X over. Or.... you could pop a beer with some friends and watch some awesome nostalgia for the heck of it. Your call... we've got nearly 100 of these treasure troves waiting to be scooped, all harvested from a meticulous collector's home in 2019. Check out the listing in our eBay store.

I think that about covers it all - if you're still with me, thanks so much for reading & sharing an interest in how things were. Happy 4th to all - locals to BTV, come visit me at the marketplace Sunday & pick up a paperback for yourself :)

Peace & Luv,


Alternate 1960's Me

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