New Removable Wall Stickers Released! And Other Things!

We've been working around the clock to produce our first generation of mid-century inspired Removable Wall Stickers, and they're finally here! They made their debut at the VILM semi-annual sale last weekend, and after just a few days on Etsy, we've got our first order! Check out a sampling of our designs below in their natural habitat: the Kitschy Business booth at VILM!

Our easy-peel removable wall stickers go on in a cinch and peel off even easier. No damage, no residue, and no crazy price tag! Our professional-grade glitter vinyl adds a sparkle to any space - and our designs are all original, you won't find these stickers anywhere else.

Pop into the marketplace any day in your week to see them up close. They're only $16 a set, a truly affordable way to glam your walls & furniture!

And speaking of the marketplace....

Since adding 25% more square footage to the space at Vintage Inspired Marketplace less than a month ago, we've had to say goodbye to some beloved items while hitting the streets for some deals at the same time. Suffice it to say, inventory has been making the rounds, and January is shaping up to be a sizable month sales-wise! I have to take a moment to thank our customers old & new who keep up with my collection. Thank you for supporting our efforts as we grow, and thank you for buying used goods! The earth thanks you, too.

We had an exciting sale this past week, and said farewell to our fabulous 60's tension pole lamp!

Photo by M. McCaffrey

Truth be told, we actually scooped up a PAIR of these at an unforgettable estate sale in summer of 2019, and the other one (which is equally as lovely) resides in our living room... and may just stay there indefinitely!

This past week was a blur of seeking & buying, and today I added a huge load of merchandise to the show space at VILM. Peek at the photos below to see what we're stocking these days....

End tables... side tables... plant stands... tv carts... tv trays... should I go on?

We have the dishware for your every intention. And some others.

Vintage linens, blankets, textiles, notions... always clean, stain-free, and nicely priced.


A thoughtfully curated collection of vintage children's books, plus many other topics including cookbooks, vintage design, vintage memory books, and others.


Our locally-made Kitsch Kraft Wall Stickers are always in stock at VILM and online in the Etsy shop. You can always access our Etsy shop quickly from within our website, too - just click on the link at the top of our home page to open it right here at

Thanks so much for reading, and please feel free to contact us with any inquiries about items for sale or custom sticker orders - we are happy to chat and most people tell us we are very friendly :)

In happiness and shag rugs,


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