New Year's Spread

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

After very recently adding some more real estate, Kitschy Business now fills over 100 SQUARE FEET of showroom space at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace!! That's more room for LARGE furniture pieces, vintage sets, and 25% MORE KITSCH!

The giganto coner lot that I occupy was de-Christmasified yesterday morning, and I stocked the new, roomier space with a beautiful mid-century bureau, a wild 1970's floor lamp, and many more vintage blankets, pillows, & linens. The lamp has already sold - check out what's left in the pic below.

Catch me working at Vintage Inspired all day tomorrow, Jan. 5; I'm loading in a delicious Lane end table, much more vintage fabric & linen, and oodles more vintage volumes will be added to the library (that's what I call the big wooden bookshelf)

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