Sale-ing Out Of Summer

Summer 2020 up here in quiet Vermont has been many things, but mostly it's been HOT and STEAMY just about always. We've had a deliciously warm & sunny season, and it's been great for attending what few flea markets & garage sales there have been in the area. I've also taken a bit of time for myself this summer, playing lots of tennis and camping with the family. We've all been feeling very lucky lately that we live in a relatively safe part of the country right now, and we're able to devote ourselves completely to expanding our vintage business. Our sales for last month at Vintage Inspired Marketplace were all-time highs, and this months are already at a 30% increase over July! THANK YOU, vintage loversss! Good thing I absolutely love hunting out vintage goodies, because they're all disappearing pretty quickly these days...

I was over at the Marketplace this morning, moving things around and adding some new merchandise in preparation for our upcoming End-Of-Summer Sale, which begins Sunday, August 16 and runs through Sunday August 30. Everything in the Kitschy Business spot will be 25% off for the entire two weeks! Let me take you on a brief journey 'round my showspace:

The vintage children's goods & toys are starting to filter in for Fall...

So many new items added over the last week, including vintage Fisher-Price toys, Playskool puzzles, 70's & 80's paperback classics... and yes that is a 1981 Papa Smurf plush set atop the grand bookcase! It takes a moment to pore over it all, as a good vintage display should.

Welcome to Brown Town

My heart belongs to that vintage Rand McNally double-axis globe, but I'm also seeing that crocheted afghan draped over the children's rocking chair...

The good stuff

Vintage textiles are hard to keep on the rack, but the rack is always so jammed... so I bought a bigger one! It's 6 feet long and on its way, and will be part of my seasonal Fall display. I am 100% out of closet space at home due to all the beauties I've picked over the last couple months, and I'll be bringing them all to the Marketplace September 1. In the meantime, get 25% off (starting 8/16) of my eclectic summer collection while it lasts!

The last of the summer Tupperware, come get it before it's gone!

All the summer dishes will go back into hibernation at the end of August, and eventually assimilate into next year's collection... I encourage you to scoop them up before they tuck in for a long winter's nap. I just added that cute little orange-topped 4-pc Tupperware canister set today - $12!

Sooo many LPs - and a Daystrom dinette!

I've already lowered the price on this table & chairs set to $175 - on sale it'll be $132!! Frick!

And check my expanding vinyl collection - added 40 new albums this week and just waiting on outer sleeves to bring 100+ more.

Well phew - the spot is clearly full, but plenty of space to shimmy yourself through and spy something unusual that you MUST own, yes?

Now that I've relayed the big sale news, here's a few featured items listed in the eBay store, Lakeside Central LLC... there are over 230 active listings in the store, just in case you don't see what you're looking for in our booth :)

Vintage Girl Scouts of America Uniform with Belt & 100% Wool Beret, $45.95

Set of 3 Playskool Wooden Puzzles, $18.95

Set of 8 Dick Tracy Christmas Greeting Cards w/ Envelopes, $14.95

Vintage Handmade Clothing Labels, $7.95

Better Home & Gardens 2-Book Set, $14.95

Peek at all our listings 24/7 in the eBay store, they're all nice & neatly categorized 'cause we love you.

All our steamy summer love to you, Kitsch followers - I hope to see many of your faces in the next two weeks for my sale over at the Marketplace! Find me there Sundays 12-4, and Tues. & Wed. 1-5, and I love to give out free Kitschy Business stickers to people who make a purchase from my booth!

Warm, Fuzzy Colors,


My kiddo drew me, it's pretty accurate

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