The Holiday Kitsch Came Early This Year...

Updated: May 30, 2020

Christmas has arrived at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, where the Kitschy Business booth is oozing with delicious vintage holiday goods at retro prices! Read on to check out the display & item details....

One nook of the Kitschy Business display at Vintage Inspired

Before you ask, yes, that's an original 1973 Barbie Jeep & Horse Trailer! And double yes, that's a Knickerbocker Holly Hobbie doll in the box! Whew - now that those two are out of the way, what's next? The vintage Mr. Peanut salt & pepper shakers? The endless milk glass dishware? Or maybe the bright green Cosco step-stool chair.... it's hard to pick just one thing to love in this photo!

The vintage holiday library is stocked with Christmastime magazines, catalogs, and anthologies from the 1940's onward. Wonderful 1950's holiday issues of Family Circle, McCall's, and Good Housekeeping are slipped in the display shelves between Ideals magazines and holiday cooking guides from long ago. Come peruse them all and choose your favorite to display on your coffee table this holiday season!


Your eyes aren't deceiving you, I promise. That's a set of 3 "Friendship" cinderella bowls. And yes, that's a large, lidded yellow refrigerator dish. Up top? Primary mixing bowls and other lidded casseroles to round out the mix. Even an aluminum bun warmer on the bottom to keep Aunt Carol's dinner rolls piping hot on the table! All surrounded by several vintage Hallmark paper decorations that you can place around the home for retro flair...

But let's not forget that green Fire King jadeite spouted bowl with handle right in the middle.... at only $38, you can afford to drown your stuffing with gravy in style this season.

Mid-century holiday gift boxes, most dress shirt/sweater sizes, from various shops of yore. Jordan Marsh, Homer Fitts, Nate's, Sears, JC Penney, and others, all under $6!

Last but certainly not least, the tree ornaments.... oh, what can I say about my expansive, eclectic ornament collection? It's huge, all over the map, and you're guaranteed to find one that's perfect for you (or a friend). Ornaments range from antique mercury glass to 70's needlepoint/embroidered ornaments, to larger, beaded creations - and all range from only $1.50-$4.00 each!

On the shelves below, you can find more vintage barware and glassware at festively low prices as well - most sets range from $8.00-$12.00.

If you're wondering about the lamps on either side of the display.... I might have to do a separate post on the lighting I have on display right now, because there's some seriously epic pieces for sale in the booth. Stay tuned for that one....

Thanks for keeping up with my kitsch, I will no doubt be updating you as the week progresses and we ramp up our Kitsch Kraft earring studio. The Etsy shop is open at KitschKraftStudio and we've already logged our first sale: a pair of glittery purple hairy feet earrings! Go check out our other designs on Etsy or if you're a local yokel you can find them at Vintage Inspired and Billie Jean Vintage here in snowy Burlington, VT. See you next time!

Kitschmas Kisses,


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