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The residents of Kitschville (that's me & my husband/kitsch partner, Paul) have been putting our noses to the creative grindstone these past several weeks and there's lots of great news to share. Firstly, and most happily, Vintage Inspired Marketplace has reopened to the public! Though we've branched out our sales channels during quarantine, it's our 100+ sq. ft. show space at the Marketplace that's our first love, as well as where folks can really immerse themselves in our unique and nostalgic palette of wonders. We spent the weekend leading up to their reopening completely re-hauling our space, and if you don't mind, we'll toot our horn.

Toot Toot

Some of the new items added for summertime include a HUGE selection of vintage Tupperware, oodles of mid-century melamine and outdoor dishes for picnics & camping, a large & lovely mirrored Turner wall unit, and - Vintage Clothing! It's a first for Kitschy Business, but I've always enjoyed retro threads. I hope you dig my picks!

It feels so good to be buying & stocking again, even though we're still in semi-quarantine here in Vermont. Speaking of quarantine, we were able (and so happy) to use our Kitsch Kraft Studio materials & machinery to make some disposable face shields for the Community Health Centers of Burlington last month.

Face Shields Made With Craft Materials In Our Burlington, VT Studio

Plastics, elastics, and acrylics immediately went into scarcity due to the high demand from the medical sector, but we had a small stockpile we were able to donate as a way to say thank you to our local medical workers. It warms the kitschy heart to be able to do a good deed in today's world.

Lastly - some tech & business updates: We've been twerking (that's tweaking & working to you) our website and have added a Virtual Shop for those who like to (or must) peruse from home! Now, you can hover over an image of our jam-packed space at Vintage Inspired and see real-time descriptions & prices of items! From there, you can either use our contact form to get more info directly from Kitschy Business, or if you're ready to buy just call the Marketplace and they'll take care of it all for you. Click Here to try it now! We'll be adding more photos & items in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates on the Virtual Shop.

We're trying hard to make sure everyone has access to good kitsch - whether it's in person at the Marketplace, in our Etsy Shop, or our eBay store, Lakeside Central:

Visit our eBay Store for Kitschy extras, overflow & rarer items!

Scaling up isn't easy in a perfect world, but we're going to make a go of it it anyway - and we appreciate your ongoing support through these times. Please take a moment to subscribe to our mailing list, where we promise we'll never spam you with our kitschy bits. And please Share, Share, Share if you can.... Thanks so much for reading & we beam our best to you all!

Mushy Love,


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