Treasure Everywhere, Postage Schmostage, & Ramona Quimby

We've had some pretty wonderful times in recent weeks, jaunting off on many house-call buying adventures and navigating online estate sales... our inventory stock grows & grows, and we work hard behind the scenes to keep it all well organized & ready-for-sale. A lot of our larger items end up in the sprawling booth at Vintage Inspired, but lately much of our overflow & rarer items are bound for the eBay store. I thought I'd share a small cross-section of recent additions today to give you a taste of what we're into these days... so, let's start off strong with an incredible 3-way table lamp!

This lovely little friend casts a dreamy glow that YOU control - twist the knob once for one side, twice for the other, and three times to light up both sides! There's no markings, but it's a moderately heavy piece that's held up exceptionally well; I'd date it from the late 70's/early 80's. The shades are milky plastic, the metal shiny chrome, and the wood grain is a bold adhesive sort. Two brand-new 40 watt bulbs are included in the retro price of $58 - find it tomorrow, 6/16 at the marketplace.

Next up is a brilliant macrame-framed wall mirror with wooden beads, ready to intensely boho-ify your bedroom:

At nearly 2 feet in diameter, this formidable decor was made to beautify. The rope is a deep rusty-orange color, and the entire piece is in like new condition. It came from a home estate with several other 60's-70's items and appears hand-made. $38

Moving into the eBay store now, with one of my newest favorite items I'll love/hate to see go...

This 1957 Dolly Toy Co. nursery wall art set is crisp & smooth, as bright as the day it was made! I've come across numerous examples of these thick, cardboard-like wall decor pieces - most were made for children's rooms in the mid-20th century. But I've never seen a set in a condition as beautiful as this. Wynken, Blynken & Nod look out from their ship toward the man in the moon, straight from the innocent 1950's to today. They'll be available for $39.95 in our eBay store, Lakeside Central LLC, by the end of this week.

Selling online is a bit of a different game, and navigating the trial & error of shipping can be a tricky one. I first opened an Etsy shop under the name Kitschy Business in 2015, and sold a melange of household goods. For the most part, I learned the hard way about how to ship properly- that is, how to not lose money on postage! 5 1/2 years later, I've got it

figured out, and the easiest (and cheapest!) things to sell online by far are paper goods. Most go First Class, many go by Media Mail, and the rest is fluff. Lucky for us, we're sitting on an enormous treasure trove of vintage paper ephemera; bit by bit, it's all going up for sale on eBay! Here's just a couple choice paper items we'll be listing this week:

Early 80's Ramona Quimby Paper Doll Books, Unused

1982 E.T. Movie Storybook

1960's Esso "Trip To The Moon" Poster

Just listed today: several lots of vintage 1950's & 60's travel brochures from all over the US, even Hawaii! Visit Lakeside Central on eBay to check them out.

Thanks for reading on, friends... I'm off to process today's haul: oodles of vintage men's neckties, soon to be added to my jammed clothing rack in the booth! Clothes sell like mad at the marketplace, and it seems nearly every day another vendor's adding a clothing rack! Aren't we the lucky ones?

All my Vintage Love,


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