Vibrations Of Color On IG

Yes, the world is finally starting to warm up here in northern Vermont! Even though there's a frost projected for tomorrow night, we're staying positive and injecting boosts of brightness into our cosmic message... that is, we're posting a lot of colorful stuff on Instagram (and we always have) :)

The Kitschy Business Instagram account is an excellent way for us to share some special vintage finds that we have for sale, but it's also a bit of a brightly-painted brain dump - a place where mid-century magazine ads, 1970's children's illustrations, and dusty physical relics get their day. I love sharing images from my vintage kid's book collection (which has waned significantly in recent years), as well as snapshots of my life that have a halo of retro aesthetic about them.

Prior to quarantine, you could invariably find me puttering at length in my beloved corner of real estate at Vintage Inspired Marketplace. My 100+ sq. ft. space was always bustling with the brightest of my finds, and after each re-do I'd be sure to post the new look to IG. I can't wait to get back in there when it re-opens!

Full frames, vivid tones, heartstring-tugging nostalgia.

Check out the full account @kitschybusiness on IG.

I love to curate the collection, and I hope others enjoy it - especially during this time at home, when time can seem to pass ever. so. very. slowly. Thanks for reading & strong vibrations of warm color patterns to you all.


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